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What My Clients Say

" The results of following your advice has been a marked and sustained improvement in my general health' and has considerably lessened the impact of IBS on my day to day activities. I have found your approach extremely helpful and would like to thank you again for coming up with an effective way of tackling my IBS that has translated into a notable improvement in my quality of life. " – Tony H

" Three weeks without sugar and still going strong! Thank you Marika for this great idea and for supporting me with all my health goals. I would recommend her as a nutritional therapist. " – Tina W

" Marika's gentle and knowledgeable advice has helped me to improve symptoms which I have struggled with all my adult life. Her thoughtful and insightful evidence-based approach has also enabled us to identify an underlying cause, which neither I, nor my GP, had previously suspected. Marika is continuing to work with me to improve my health and vitality - I really appreciate her support, expertise and care. " – Alison G

" As a "foodie" and a committed vegetarian, I thought I had a pretty healthy diet. However Marika's knowledge and advice has identified a surprising number of ways I can improve my diet, nutrition and overall health. I am really grateful to her for this, and am already feeling more energetic and strong...! " – Claire G

" I am currently studying Nutritional Therapy and know Marika through her role as Assistant Clinical Supervisor. I've found Marika very supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful. Her approach has enabled me to learn well in the clinical environment. Thank you Marika! " – Deborah B

" I came to see Marika about some on-going health problems following antibiotics, which GPs and over the counter prescriptions had failed to help. I feel like I've learnt so much from our appointments and have noticed a great improvement in my overall health, energy levels and digestive system. Marika listened carefully and was very thorough with her consultation, providing me with personalised dietary advice, along with supplements that have become part of my daily routine. This has all made such a difference. I feel so much more in balance both in body and mind and would recommend Marika to anyone seeking nutritional advice, especially those struggling with a chronic condition they feel cannot be fixed! The information and guidance I've received is really invaluable and continues to improve my quality of life. " – Lucy V