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15 minutes Free consultaion

Nutritional Therapy Prices and Packages

Nutrition consultation takes place at the moment only via Zoom (online) because of the Corona virus situation.

FREE 15 min Discovery Session (by phone/Skype) to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy is appropriate for you. Book your Discovery Call here:

includes initial 90min consultation and a 45min follow up appointment.

*These fees do not include the costs of any recommended testing or supplements.
*Payment by bank transfer/Paypal 48h prior to consultation.

SUPPLEMENT REVIEW - for existing clients only - (20min) £30.00

MENTORING SESSION for Nutritional Therapists - £30.00 per session


Fertility Journey


Are you ready for a baby? Just starting your journey to have a beautiful healthy baby? Or have you already done 'everything' you can to get pregnant but you still haven't managed to get pregnant?

Trying for a baby is so exciting at first but can then become a huge stress. I have been there myself and can very much sympathise with you how it feels month after month. I wish I had known all I know now when I was trying to get pregnant. But through my own journey I am now here to help you to achieve your dreams.

Nutrition and healthy lifestyle can very much support you on your journey to healthy pregnancy and healthy postpartum. I support clients of any reproductive age, with or without a conventional diagnosis. My clients are all different; often older, are thinking of IVF or have failed IVF, or had recurrent miscarriages. Wherever you are in your journey, I can help you.

The package includes:

  • Comprehensive intake form
  • one initial 90-minute consultation (I prefer to see you as a couple for this one, if possible)
  • 5 sessions via Zoom (45-60 minutes), over the course of 12 weeks
  • Diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Testing suggestions based on your individual situation and interperation of the test results
  • Ongoing emai support on your journey

If you would like to invest in personalised 1:2:1 coaching you must first have a discovery call. This call is not a sales call but a call to see if we are the right fit to work with one another. Please book your Discovery call here: