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Blueberry Immune Boosting Smoothie - video

May 05 2020

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What to do if you get ill with Corona virus?

March 19 2020

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My article on the CAM Magazine November 2015

November 11 2015

My article on the CAM Magazine November 2015

‘Career building starts early: how to become a natural networker at school’ more on this article

Bilberries – the natures free “super food”

August 19 2015

Bilberries – the natures free “super food”

This is the time of the year for bilberries. Did you know that they are distinct from blueberries but closely related to them? Bilberries grow in Scandinavia in the forests and here in the UK in the moors, and are smaller than blueberries but so much tastier! I went bilberry picking the other day, and it took me only 1,5 hours to pick up a full bucket of bilberries, and that is almost 10 liters. more on this article

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

May 07 2015

Most of us know the feeling of unstoppable craving to eat sugary foods: it is sometimes hard saying ‘no’ to that slice of cake. Why does that cake have such a power over you, whispering ‘eat me, eat me’? Why can’t you just say ‘No’? Is it an indication of a lack of self-control, or is it a powerful, hardwired brain response over which you have little control? Can we be biologically addicted to sugar? more on this article

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